On July 23rd and 24th, the dance team took our second trip to Buckingham County’s annual Cowboy Day. Friday night we got the tipis up (after much digression and conversation having) and spent the night chatting up a storm and smelling the barbeque cook over open flames. Needless to say we were drooling by the end of the night. On Saturday the big event arrived to tons of people. We set up a station and took turns showing kids and parents how to make spirit bags. We also showed pieces of regalia all day and walked the area, some in full regalia, through over 100 degree heats. One of the best parts was that we were able to see actual Monacans perform their style of dance and even got some of the girls in on a round dance. We hope to see them again next year and hopefully be able to participate more. It gives me great pleasure to say that we were approached by a man who is full blooded Sioux and he gave us the most amazing compliment by saying that at first glance, he thought some of our regalia was made on a reservation. After a long hot day we packed up the tipis and went out to Mickey Dees for some well deserved dinner. Dancers included Tommy Poe, Jeff Stallings, Baylor Dickerson, Sam O., and Adam Parker. Great Job!

Jeff Stallings
Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team Chief

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