Carolina Indian Seminar

On January 22nd to the 24th, the Nawakwa Lodge Native American Indian Dance Team returned to Statesville, North Carolina, for their annual Carolina Indian Seminar. On Friday night, we watched the opening pow wow. We were able to watch the other dancers, such as Grass Dancers and Traditional Dancers, which we do not get to do much when we are dancing. On Saturday, we attended classes on everything from basic dance classes to Northern Singing. Saturday night, we participated in the pow wow. This year, the closing pow wow blew me away. Southern Drum played the best that I have ever heard. The whole team was fired up. Around the middle of the pow wow, the other drum, the Muddy Creek Singers, who taught the Northern Singing class, invited all that took the class to come up to the drum and play an intertribal. It was amazing to dance to a song that your friends are playing. We are definitely excited about going back next year.

Tommy Poe
Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team Chief

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