Den_Meeting_P2837-AOn January 17th, in our second performance of the month, Tommy Poe and Jeff Stallings went to Chester Baptist Church for a den meeting to show some wolfs our regalia, perform, answer questions, and teach a dance. We began by entering in and explaining to the scouts who we were, dance style, regalia type, tribe, and various meanings. Following, we performed an intertribal and sneak up to the scout’s fascination. I looked around at the crowd of 15 boys watching as we danced and saw nothing short of awe and excitement. We let them go around, pick up, and wear pieces of regalia and I can honestly say I’ve never seen a


group of boys more interested in everything they saw. As a special surprise, we used our last ten minutes to teach them an intertribal dance. Adorned with various articles of regalia (including a certain war club that was “too heavy to hold”) the scouts learned how to do a dance. Questions couldn’t have come any faster than they did. The interest these boys had rivaled anything I’ve seen in four years. After everything was over, I was even kept for another half an hour answering more questions about how to make certain pieces of our regalia. I’m very happy to see that so many younger scouts are so interested in what we’re doing. Like I said before, the future of the team lies in them. Thank you Tommy for coming out there and performing with me. Next stop, NCIS….no not the TV show! 😉

Jeff Stallings
Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team Chief

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