It was that time of year again where we all get together and have a blast at fellowship. The dance team had a good time teaching members about various sets of regalia and how to dance the Intertribal, Sneak Up, and Crow Hop. We had a few more interested members approach us while making our famous spirit bags and get more information. Towards the afternoon, after extreme amounts of cotton candy and popcorn, we finished setting up the tomahawk stands and began the fun. Anyone who thinks it can be dangerous had their minds changed quickly as we had a constant line of people waiting to throw. When we had a break, dance team members had a blast competing against each other to see who would come out triumphant over the others in some good old fashion races. As the night cooled down, some dancers went to go watch Iron Man 2 while others called it a night. Dancers all did a fantastic job teaching and supervising our activities.  After all was done we were honored to be able to congratulate Sam Osterhaut and Mr. Steve Poe as the newest vigil honor members of the dance team.

See you all next service weekend and Conclave! Great job!

Jeff Stallings
Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team Chief

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