Fall Fellowship

On October 9th to the11th, the Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team attended the Lodge’s Fall Fellowship, which also marks the 90th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. For those who have never been to a Fall Fellowship, it is a weekend of fun. There are no Ordeals, no tests, and no ceremonies (except for the awards banquet). We had a great time. This year, there was a dunking booth, a rock climbing wall, and of course, the Slip and Slide of Death. We were also honored to have the National Vice Chief, Dan Higham, attended this lodge event. In the morning, there were classes. Dance was one of these classes. visitors were taught about what we do, Native American Culture, and also, they were taught how to dance at the end. I would like to thank Will Floyd, Jeff Stallings, Guy Allen, and Andrew for teaching the class. After lunch, we could walk around and see what else there was. The dance team also set up the tomahawk stands, and we threw tomahawks for the rest of the day. That evening after dinner, we had the awards. One of our long time dancers, Will Swingle, was awarded the James E. West Fellowship award. Congratulations Will. Also, some lodge members received the Vigil Honor, which is the highest level in the Order of the Arrow. I was honored to be one of the arrowmen to recieve this honor. The Vigil name that I was given is Gentgeen Kiamachpin Miechbowe, which means “Dancer who is a Quiet Feather.” I am so humbled to receive this award this year. I would like to thank the entire team for their support. I would especially like to thank Mr. Richards and Mr. DeHoff. After the awards part, we danced for the Lodge Rededication ceremony. It was a great ceremony this year. We had a great time this weekend. Our next event will be the Camporee, which we will be having the tomahawks set up again.

Tommy Poe
Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team Chief

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