Fall Service Weekend

On September 7th to the 9th, the Dance team attended the Lodge’s Fall Service Weekend. On Saturday, we went to the Brotherhood Ceremony.

That evening, we danced at the Ordeal ceremonies. There were 5 ceremonies. We had a great time. After the last Ordeal ceremony, we got all members to join us in a Round Dance. Every Service Weekend, the Round Dance gets bigger and bigger. We even had a first time dancer, Andrew.

Also at the Service Weekend, we made announcements about how the Dance Team did at NOAC. Three dancers went to NOAC, Sam Osterhout, Guy Allen, and Baylor Dickerson. Guy Allen made it to the 1st round. Baylor Dickerson made it to the 2nd round, and Sam Osterhout made it to the 2nd round, and then went on to dance on the stage, making him in the top 10 for OA dancers in the entire country. Congratulations guys, and we are very proud of you. Overall, we had a great weekend.

Tommy Poe
Nawakwa Lodge Dance team Chief

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