Regalia – Beyond the Basics

Headgear – The team will supply head roaches.  The more experienced dancers have first choice.  You can make or purchase your own headgear as you wish and to suit your regalia.

Bustles – Plan on making a bustle.  This is worn on the waist at the rear of the dancer.  This takes time, effort and research, but any self-respecting dancer wears one in most dance styles.  These are prized possessions and difficult to borrow.

As you grow and learn, there are more materials to use and skills to learn.  Very detailed and intricate crafting can be learned.  Special traditional dance steps that bring joy to you and admiration from others can be repeated.  You can perform with the team at Lodge functions.  With experience, you can compete at regional and national levels as a dancer and crafter.  The team is here to support and encourage you.  How far you go is up to you.  How much you invest in time and money varies greatly between each team member.  All find their own way and all will be commended for their effort.  If you seek respect, first you must give respect.  All are welcome in the circle.  Learn its ways.