Regalia – Bustle Making

he Bustle is one of the hardest yet most rewarding part of your regalia that you can construct.  Creating a Bustle takes time, patients, and determination. 

One of the first thinks you want to do is find a HUNTER.  Ask the hunter to please gather any turkey features and present them to you.  This is a part of the turkey which is normally thrown away in modern day hunting.  They normally have no value to the hunter nor the turkey.  Do not be surprised if you get the entire tail or wings still connected to bone.  You will need to remove the features from the bone by cutting them flesh and pulling out.  You need to make sure you protect the entire feature.

Please note that in some states (NC) it is illegal to have goose features in your Bustles as they are protected.  It is a national law that you can not have any features from birds or pray.  Such as the Eagle, Hawk, and such.  You can purchase imitation features from Birds or Pray for your Bustle, but you need to make sure your construction matches what the nation you are constructing for.

Here are some details on Bustle Making that should get you on your way:

If you find more information or other documents, please let us know and we can get them added.