Shu-Shu-Gah Indian Seminar

Adam Parker and I got in a car with Bob Parker and Cliff Sandy for a eight hour car ride to Camp Alpine in New Jersey on November 19th. We met up with Mr. McNeilley, his kids, Mr. and Mrs. Richards, Mr. Denson, Mr. Stallings, and Mr. and Mrs. Ball. With the Headman dancer, Will Swingle our very own, we went out for pizza that night. The next day, we got out of bed and headed off for breakfast. After that, we headed off for class. Later, after lunch, we went to Pow-wow etiquette. during our relaxing time some of the dancers worked their regalia. Next came dinner… Right after dinner, we went and changed into our regalia and performed for about five hours. What a great time and such colorful regalia! The next morning, we got up early, packed up, and left on our trip home getting home around 1pm.

Logan Sandy
Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team

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