Competition – Individual

Any number of contestants from a lodge may participate in the Individual Dance Contest. The top dancers may be asked to demonstrate their skills at the evening show, where they will receive their awards. The rules are simple:

  1. All contestants must confirm their registration when they arrive at the conclave.

  2. There will be five categories of individual dance competition:

    • Fancy-Dance (one class)
    • Grass
    • Straight Dance
    • Old Style
    • Traditional (contemporary traditional).
  3. Awards will be given to the top finishing dancers according to the judges’ discretion.

  4. Dancers must wear appropriate authentic clothing. There are many styles, but they may include as their basic elements: a hair roach, neck and/or back bustles, moccasins, bells, apron (breechclouts), and miscellaneous accessories, such as beaded cuffs, belt, arm bands, choker, headband, etc. War bonnets and chiefs clothing are only acceptable for Old Style competition.
    In an effort to distinguish between Old Style and Traditional, these categories will be determined by the judging staff. Consideration will be given for bustle type, clout or apron, and quill and beadwork designs. As a general guideline, Old Style is considered as pre-1 920. If in doubt as to which category to dance, the dancer should bring a photograph of his dance clothes to registration. The judges will assist in placing the dancer in the proper category.

  5. Dancers must dance in the style of their clothing. In preliminary competition, if the dancer is eliminated in one dance style, he may change outfits and dance in another style, if scheduling time permits. The dancer must be registered in both styles. Dancers may not compete in the finals in more than one category.

  6. Losing a major article from a dancer’s attire during the contest means automatic disqualification. Having the attire properly maintained and tightly secured easily eliminates this problem.

  7. All dancers must be younger than 21. If a question regarding age arises, proof of age (driver’s license, copy of your birth certificate, etc.) must be provided,

  8. All dancers must be members of the Order of the Arrow and registered conclave participants.

  9. Dancers must be prepared to dance indoors or outdoors.

  10. Dance practice and outfit construction should not take place during conclave activities.

  11. Each participant will be issued a contestant number, which must be visible while dancing in any competition.

  12. Overstepping the song may lower a dancer’s placement in the overall standing.

  13. NO PARTS OF ANY PROTECTED SPECIES ARE PERMITTED ON ANY OUTFIT. Violation of this rule will result in automatic disqualification. Please be aware of any federal and state laws regarding endangered species parts. (See Chapter 4, Section Conclave.)

  14. Within the guidelines found in the U~S. Code pertaining to the American Flag, flags are not to be used as wearing apparel. With this in mind, no type of U~S. flag(s) will be permitted as part of dance attire. If a dancer has these items on his outfit, they must be removed prior to the conclave. Flag motifs in quillwork and beadwork are acceptable.

  15. National Order of the Arrow Face Paint Policy: national Order of the Arrow conferences and activities conducted beyond the individual lodge will not permit face paint, body paint or wigs to be used in social or competition dancing or in ceremonies. (See Chapter 4, Section Conclave.)

  16. The Boy Scouts of America policy regarding weapons will be followed.

All dancers are encouraged to participate in the judging of American Indian clothing. This judging will be held immediately before or after the dance competition. A panel of selected judges will give out clothing critiques and ribbons.

The judging criteria will be as determined by the judging committee. All judges’ decisions are final.

All dancers are encouraged to dance in the Pow-Wow (if held).