Not getting emails

In researching issues with email, we have found they are all a result of one of the following:

  • Your current email address is not on the mailing list.
  • Your current email address on the email list is wrong.
  • Anti-Spam software running on your computer is blocking the emails.
  • Anti-Spam software running at your provider is blocking the emails.

In all the cases we have seen, each fell into one of the above situations.

If you have any SPAM software running on your computer or on your provider, please go and WHITELIST the following email address:

  • *             (this is the troop domain name)
  • *   (this is the name of the server the email is sent from)

You will need the check with your software vendor for the directions in adding this to your SPAM software as being valid email and NOT SPAM.  If you are using OUTLOOK and the emails appear in your JUNK folder, you can simply right-click on the email, and select Junk-Email, followed by Add Senders Domain to your Safe List.

If you use Yahoo, Comcast, Earthlink, AOL or some other provider that allows you to set SPAM filters on their email server, you will also need to whitelist the domain names shown above.  We would suggest you contact their support department to ask for the procedures.

To determine if you are on the mailing list or getting emails delivered to your provider, you can fill out the form below and we will take a look.  We will be able to tell you if the email address in the system is correct, as well as if your provider is accepting the message.  This will help point you in the correct direction.  We are more than willing to help you out and work with you and your provider/spam software to try to resolve the issue

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