Wood Badge 2016

Looking forward to seeing the team tonight at Cub Camp and Wood Badge 2016

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Woodbadge Performance

Another job well done for the Dance Team! I was excited to see twelve dancers out there in the dance ring. I know that even though this is an annual event, we put on a greater show each year due to our growing team. Way to go guys!

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Fall Service Weekend

Fall Service Weekend went off with a bang! With a total of 25 dancers, which beat our previous record of 22, we ran out of regalia to put on people. Team regalia will be something to work on at our next Crafting Weekend.

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Hello everyone, I look forward to serving as your Dance Team Chief this year. I will be looking forward to helping each of you to learn new things. Also, I am looking forward to be taught new things. Our team is growing and I need each of you to help teach one another something new. We are going to have a great and successful year.


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Congratulations Logan

The dance team would like to congratulate Logan for becoming the new Dance Team Chief starting today.  Logan has been with the team for a number of years and has participated in a large number of scouting events, lodge events, and dance team events over the years.  He has proven himself as a dancer and is one that cares and mentors new scouts and dancers alike.

The team would also like to thank Adam for all the hard work and new ideas which he brought to the team while he served as Chief.

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2013 in Review

2013 was a very successful year for the Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team.  In January, the team attended the Carolina Indian Seminar, where we took classes on everything from styles of dance to singing.  We also had the opportunity to participate in a powwow.    In March we danced at the Service Weekend.  Moving forward to April we had close to 20 dancers dance in the section conclave powwow and dance competition.  We had dancers place in the styles of: Old Style, Traditional, and Grass.  Our next event was Fall Service weekend where we danced, crafted, and slept in the teepees.   At Fall Fellowship we had 6 members achieve vigil honor.  Congratulations to Mrs. Sandra Daul, Mrs. Doris Denson, Mrs. Cindy Morris, Codey Daul, Ryan McNielly, and Adam Parker.  We also are proud to have a Founders Award Recipient, Mr. Jim Richards, on our team.    Our last major event of the year was the Council Encampment.  At the encampment we provided all the tomahawk stands as well as providing trainings and dance shows which were major hits.  2013 has been a very successful year, in addition to all of these events we also performed for many troops and packs as well as held multiple crafting weekends.  In all we did over 9000 total hours of service not only to the lodge but also the scouting community.

We are looking forward to 2014 and hope that the year can be just as successful.  We are taking 19 members to the 2014 Carolina Indian Seminar and hope to take even more to the 2014 Conclave.

Adam Parker
Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team Chief

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ECOH Brandon Daul

On January 5th I held my Eagle Court of Honor.  When I planned my COH I knew that I wanted to include the OA 4 winds Eagle ceremony in it but I had no idea that inviting the dance team was an option.   At the time of my ECOH I had only been a member of the dance team for less than one year but the dance team came out and supported me with enthusiasm and excitement.  Most of my family and friends have never seen a Native American dance group and had never seen me dance any in my life.   The dance team made a once in a life time event something that I will remember forever.   Guests continue to comment on how they enjoyed watching the dancing.  I would like to thank the dancer who attended; Jim, Adam, Ryan, Kevin, Logan, Ben, Matt, Jason, Brody and the adults; Jim S., Jim R., Frank, Bob, Cliff, Cameron and Maria.

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New Website

The Nawakwa Lodge Native American Indian Dance and Drum team has completed the rewrite of our new website.  We are still in the process of tweaking the new site and are adding a new gallery for photos of the teams in action.  If you see any issues with the new site, please click on “Contact Us” and send a message to the webmaster.

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Spring Service Weekend

At the Spring service week-end we had about 10 dancers and 10 adults. Friday night all dancers went to the Pre-Ordeal Ceremony. After Cracker barrel we went to sleep. We crafted all Saturday morning and afternoon until the Brotherhood Ceremony. There we had one dancer seal his membership as a Brotherhood member. The ceremony was held in the cub dining hall due to weather warnings. The Ordeal Ceremony was also held in the cub dining hall due to the persistent weather. We had a good time dancing at both ceremonies and had many people ask about how to join. After breakfast, LEC, and chapel we took down the tipis skins only despite the weather due to the upcoming conclave. We are taking the poles down during the Wood Badge performance.

 Ryan McNeilly

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North Carolina Indian Seminar

At NCIS we had about 10 dancers and about 7 adults. Due to weather issues we had to stay in a hotel Friday night about half way there. We got up early the next morning and got to the seminar around 10:00AM. The rest of the day was spent on training. That night all dancers and some adults participated in the Saturday night pow-wow. We got up the early next morning and got breakfast on the way out of town.

Ryan McNeilly

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