On April 26 through April 28, the Nawakwa Lodge Dance and Drum Team had a total of 17 dancers and 10 adult dancers and supporters.  We carried five tipis to contribute to the village.  In the dance competition we had 16 dancers compete in the styles of Grass, Old Style, and Northern Traditional.  In Old style, Ryan McNeilly won first place, Logan Sandy won second place, and Parker Childs Place third.  In Northern Traditional, Jim Young Placed First, and in Grass, Caleb Denson placed first.  We had a very successful time in terms of Dance and Drum.  While at Conclave, the drum team practice and interest grew.

Adam Parker
Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team Chief

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District 23 Crossover

On May 4, the Nawakwa Dance and Drum team performed at the District 23 Crossover camporee.  We had six dancers in attendance as well as seven adult dancers and supporters.  We performed four songs and a round dance.  During the round dance, the drum team performed and sang the song for the dance.  After the dancing and drumming, members of the team assist the District in there crossover and call out ceremony.  The team also helped to provide conversation and education during the dinner before the ceremonies.

Adam Parker
Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team Chief

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This weekend we had a great time. Unfortunately, there weren’t that many Ordeal or Brotherhood candidates, but we were still able to recruit a few guys at the end of the weekend. We had 3 tipis this past weekend, and we only set one up in the dark, a feat which is difficult in itself after setting up 2tipis already.

Jim Young
Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team Chief

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It was that time of year again where we all get together and have a great fellowship. The dance team had a good time teaching members about various sets of regalia and how to dance the Intertribal, Sneak Up, and Crow Hop. We also has a session on drumming where a number of youth attended and showed their interest in drumming.  In the afternoon we helped man the tomahawk stands while some of the members got some needed sleep. Dancers all did a fantastic job teaching and supervising our activities.  After all was done we were honored to be able to congratulate Jeff Stallings, Sam Beuglass, Mr. Stallings, Mr. Parker, and Mr. Beuglass as the newest vigil honor members of the dance team.

Jeff Stallings
Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team Chief

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Another service weekend has come and passed with fantastic results for the dance team. After setting up the tipis with minimal trouble, dancers got to enjoy a beautiful, clear, star filled sky. Saturday was filled with crafting and getting ready for the ceremonies. We got to the first ceremony and performed for the new brotherhood members and again that night for the new ordeal members in our lodge. Thank you everyone for showing up, another great weekend!

Jeff Stallings
Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team Chief

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Shu-Shu-Gah Indian Seminar

Adam Parker and I got in a car with Bob Parker and Cliff Sandy for a eight hour car ride to Camp Alpine in New Jersey on November 19th. We met up with Mr. McNeilley, his kids, Mr. and Mrs. Richards, Mr. Denson, Mr. Stallings, and Mr. and Mrs. Ball. With the Headman dancer, Will Swingle our very own, we went out for pizza that night. The next day, we got out of bed and headed off for breakfast. After that, we headed off for class. Later, after lunch, we went to Pow-wow etiquette. during our relaxing time some of the dancers worked their regalia. Next came dinner… Right after dinner, we went and changed into our regalia and performed for about five hours. What a great time and such colorful regalia! The next morning, we got up early, packed up, and left on our trip home getting home around 1pm.

Logan Sandy
Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team

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Even if you’ve never been part of a Dance or Ceremony, Indian Summer has something for you. The classes there ranged from crafting and dancing to ceremony instruction, leadership seminars, and cultural studies, so everyone was able to find a place where their interests matched a class offered. I personally took many crafting and geographical classes to improve my Dance Regalia, but others in the contingent took Ceremony instructions and even participated in a High Challenge Ropes Course and Laser Tag. The Geographical courses were very helpful to us, allowing us to compare our regalia with the outfits of Native Americans from the time period we try to emulate, and the ceremony classes opened the attendees to different perspectives and interpretations. The Crafting classes in particular helped me, since it gave me an opportunity to learn an easier method of beading for adornment on outfits than what I had tried previously. Many classes were aimed to helped beginners get a foothold on Ceremonies or Dance, offering advice, knowledge, and time to work on techniques and their applications. The adults teaching the classes were very knowledgeable in their fields, and were always willing to help someone newly interested in something to become even more active in the pursuit of that interest.

Throughout the week, there were three powwows where we could go out and dance to live drums and see what we had been learning put into action. A few dancers were selected during these powwows for performances during the opening and closing shows, including many of our contingent’s dancers. Between the classes, the application of the concepts in those classes at the powwow, and the adult leadership and advice inside and outside these activities, everyone was able to learn new pastimes that they may have otherwise not had an opportunity to discover

When Indian Summer comes around, I know I’ll be there. Anyone with any kind of interest in Native American culture, dance, or ceremony should definitely go. It’s one of the most enriching experiences I’ve been a part of, and I think it was just as enriching for anyone else that attended as well.

Sam Beuglass
Shexaxkapeu Pemikan Gentgeen
(Straight Arrow Dancer)

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Sam Beuglass and I hoped in a car with Dean Beuglass and Jim Stallings for a 12 hour journey on Friday May 27th.  We drive up near Lake Erie in PA for the annual DE EN DA GA POWWOW.  Once we arrived we meet up with Adam and his family who joined us.  Lets take about some amazing regalia!!  We were able to dance right along with Native American Indians and see some of the most wonder dance and dress.  There were three Native American Drum Teams which took turns from 1PM to almost midnight two days in a row.  They had an auction where we were able to purchase some pretty neat hides and crafting materials.  After an exhausting weekend we all left Monday morning to complete our trip around 8pm that night.

Jeff Stallings
Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team Chief

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This day started at about 10am for the dance team and ended after 10pm that night.  Tommy, Jim, Ryan and I arrived to represent the dance team, participate in the ECOH and perform during it.  It was a great time helping one of our fellow dancers have the best ECOH he could have.  After we danced we were served a fest by his mom and dad with the other guests.  Advisor Jim Stallings, Jeff DeHoff, , and Frank McNeilly from the team also attended.

After we were completed the ECOH for Sam, dancers Adam, Tommy, Jim, Sam, Ryan and I along with Jim Stallings, Jim & Cameron Richards, Frank McNeilly, Dean Beuglas, and Bob Parker all met at the Rivers District Cross Over.  When we arrived Mrs Parker served us some great chilli and desserts before we performed.  I am not sure which was best… the food, dancing or all the pictures with the packs afterwards!

Jeff Stallings
Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team Chief

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Conclave at Nawakwa

IMG00084-20110311-2100What a great weekend for the dance team and powwow ring.  I would have to say the setup this year was the best I have ever seen for a Conclave weekend.  Not only did we have a professional Native America Indian drum team, we had the best sound system, announcers, training, competition and not to mention SUPPORT from our dance team members as well as others in the state which attended. 

We had six tepees around the dance ring.  Thanks to the new poles, we were able to have four of these from our lodge alone!

Jeff Stallings
Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team Chief

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