Buckingham National Cowboy Day

Saturday, July 25th, Buckingham County held it’s first Cowboy Day Event. The Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team was asked to participate in the event.  We got there Friday evening in order to set up two tipis. On Saturday, we crafted and spoke to visitors. We were then asked to dance so that PBS could take video of us to show on Virginia Currents, that will are sometime this fall. After being taped, we continued to craft and give tours of our area. Then at 4:15, we performed again for everybody. After that last performance of the day, everybody was ready to get out of regalia. We then took down our area and left. The event was very fun. We were able to teach visitors about what we do, and we were also able to walk around and see some of the other areas, and speak to the people there, including Civil War reenactors, cowboys, and even a TV star from the 60’s. I hope that we are asked to participate again next year, and I look forward to it. I also want to say thanks to the dancers that attended, including Jeff Stallings, Guy Allen, Austin Hines, Sam Osterhout, as well as myself. I would also like to thank the adults that helped us this weekend, including Mr. Richards, Mrs. Allen, Mr. Stallings, Mr. Hines, and Mr. Poe.

Tommy Poe
Nawakwa Lodge Dance Team Chief

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